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Our Journey So Far

May 28 Waiting for court date
May 21 Waiting for court date
May 17 Dossier signed by MOJ and forwarded to court
May 14 Waiting for court date
May 7 Waiting for court date
April 30 Waiting for court date
April 23 Waiting for court date
April 16 Waiting for court date
April 11 Article 5 paperwork out for translation and authentication
April 10 Article 5 meeting
April 9 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
April 2 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 26 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 19 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Legal name change document sent to agency
March 5 I-800 submitted
March 3 Home again
February 27-March 2 With sweet Allie
February 20-24 With sassy Vessy
February 17 Off to meet our girls
February 10 Airline tickets purchased
February 10 Written referral signed and OK to travel given
January 31 Notified of verbal referral from MOJ
January 30 Waiting.....
January 23 Waiting.....
January 18 Dossier submitted and accepted by MOJ
January 16 Waiting.....
January 9 Waiting.....
January 2 Waiting.....
December 27 Dossier received in adoption country
December 23 Dossier mailed
December 22 Received apostilled documents
December 16 13 documents notarized and sent for apostille
December 15 I-800A approval received
December 12 Waiting.....
December 5 Waiting.....
November 28 Waiting.....
November 21 Waiting.....
November 17 Apostilled FBI clearance received
November 14 Biometric fingerprints done
November 3 FBI clearance sent for apostille
November 2 FBI clearance received
October 20 Fingerprint appt received for November 14
September 28 I-800A submitted
September 28 Home study received
September 27 Commitment documents for Allie sent to agency in adoption country.
September 25 All required adoption training complete
September 24 Ron completes Hague training
September 22 Apostilled marriage license received
September 21 Sent commitment papers for Allie to be apostilled
September 21 Notified home study is complete
September 20 Received new picture of Allie
September 18 Trish completes Hague training
September 17 Completed 6 hour training with Bethany
September 15 Applied for WI approval to adopt Allie
September 14 Received local police clearances for dossier
September 14 Allie joins Ella on RR family page
September 14 Registered for 8 hour Hague training with NCFA
September 6 Registered for 6 hour training with Bethany
September 5 Applied for WI approval to adopt Ella
September 5 Marriage license to MO for apostille
September 2 Trish medical complete
August 30 Final homestudy session
August 23 Ron medical complete
August 18 Ron passport received
August 17 Paperwork and fingerprints sent to FBI
August 16 2nd home study meeting
August 16 Fingerprints taken
August 16 Trish physical
August 12 Appt set for fingerprinting for FBI background check
August 12 Ron employment verification received for dossier
August 11 Ron physical
August 10 FSP established on RR
August 9 Commitment documents and disclosure sent to Reece’s Rainbow
August 8 Apostilled commitment documents sent to adoption country
August 5 Background check paperwork sent to homestudy agency
August 4 Background check forms to SC
August 4 Background check forms to MN
August 3 Introduced to Allie
August 3 Sent multiple documents to home study agency
August 2 Emailed Reece’s Rainbow application
August 1 Sent contract to home study agency
July 28 Sent commitment documents to be apostilled
July 28 Meeting for home study
July 25 Passport applied for
July 22 Ron passport photo taken
July 22 Service agreement sent to adoption agency
July 22 Ella moved to My Family Found Me page
July 21 application approved by adoption agency
July 14 sent application to home study agency
July 13 phone interview with adoption agency
July 12 phone interview with adoption agency
July 11 initiated home study
July 9 sent initial application to adoption agency
July 8 "introduced" to Ella
July 7 first contact with Reece’s Rainbow
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Divas

Well, we have been home with the girls almost two months now. It has definitely been a roller-coaster ride. Things are better now than our first few weeks home.  It looks like both our divas will be spending some time each day at our special needs school, which I am happy to say has the reputation of being top notch. We are in the process of doing their IEP’s so hopefully all that will lead to them getting some good guidance and occupational therapies.
Both girls sleep very well for the most part (fingers crossed). I don’t think they sleep the whole time but for the most part they are quiet in their beds from 8pm-6am. Those of you with children who have sleeping issues know what a big deal this is. The only issue we have at night so far is when Vessy’s feeding machine alarms out but soon all her feeding will be done during the day so that will go away also.

Her feeding and health issues are being managed well now. Between the G-tube feedings with which she has gained almost ten pounds and the meds regimen that is repairing the ulcers in her throat and stomach she is a much different little girl than 6 weeks ago. She still has an aversion to food but drinks clear liquids almost every day. We are hoping of course that she will still eat normally one day but for now she is getting healthy and getting the nutrition she needs.
She has just transformed from a listless and sad little girl to this joyful child whose smile and personality just lights up our days. She has just fallen in love with Jamie and Jamie with her. Vessy will laugh at just about anything Jamie does and Jamie even has her at the beginning stages of signing and verbalizing. She is just very affectionate in general, loves attention and just thinks she is all that (do not get her near a mirror J).
She still is a stubborn little diva who thinks her place is to be carried and pampered all day long. She is learning some hard lessons in that area though. Even Anna had her walking laps through the house the other day (Vessy would sit at her spot on the couch and watch TV all day long if she was allowed). She is gaining strength every day. It is most noticeable when she walks up and down the stairs. She now climbs foot over foot rather than stepping onto a stair and then bringing the other foot to the same stair. Seems like a small thing but is a big step in leg strength.
The real point I want to make about Vessy is she seems to know we are her family now and just loves it. I really think she thinks she has died and went to heaven (except when the physical therapist shows up). She knows she is very loved and it is obvious she feels the same way about us.

Allie’s adjustment has been quite a bit more difficult. I have documented her rages and other behaviors in previous posts. I am happy to say between us, her pediatrician and her psychiatrist we seem to have come to a good med and dosage level to help her.  We are still seeing some self-harming and emotional behaviors but far more mild than when she was on no meds.  She does still have bouts of crying where at times there is no comfort to be given. It is a very mournful cry.  On the other hand, two minutes later she can be smiling and talking so we just need to help her through them.
I am anxious to get Allie into school as we are having trouble getting her interested in any activities. She will play with toys or instruments or whatever for only a few seconds before discarding them. She does like to vocalize however and is content to sit with me and practice her sounds. She has a sweet little voice with a growing vocabulary.  I am not sure yet how much she understands but can mimic a growing number of words. We count the steps as we go up and down them and on occasion she has named the next step in progression before I say it. For some reason she loves the number 11.
Her smile and voice are both very endearing and although she does not seem to have really bonded emotionally yet I do believe she is feeling more safe and secure. When I put her in bed at night I kiss her three times on the cheek. She smiles very big every night before rolling over and pulling up the covers. I like to believe it is because she knows she is safe now from whatever badness happened to her after bedtime at the institution.
Thanks to all of you who wrote words of encouragement over the last 2 months. We have a long ways to go but are certainly headed in the right direction. Thank you for caring about our girls.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I hoped to be writing about fairy tale endings, rainbows and unicorns but you won't find that here today.
We got our Gotcha travel dates on June 26 and traveled on July 4. Those 8 days were filled with so much joy and anticipation at the thought of going to get our girls. Trish and Jamie could not stop smiling. I have not seen much of those smiles since 2 days after we picked the girls up on July 6.
We arrived in Sofia on Thursday the 5th and got right in the car to head to Kardzhali to pick up Vessy on Friday morning and then head right to Vasil Drumev to get Allie Friday afternoon, spend the night in Shumen, then head back to Sofia. We were very excited because we thought we weren't getting Allie until Monday morning so the change in plans got us to our girls sooner. All this went without a hitch, the girls traveled well and we were all together and back in Sofia Saturday afternoon. All was right with the world despite the heat and fatigue.
It was on Sunday that things started going south. Vessy would not eat but we knew going in she was a picky eater and she was taking liquids and staying hydrated so not a major concern yet.
Allie started displaying behaviors that we had not seen to this point either in our first visit or since we had picked her up. The rages began at first after feeding because she did not want to be done even after large portions. They continued with various triggers but mostly centered on feeding and being set down. She wanted to be held continuously facing the person holding her in a bear hug with the person walking around the room. We understood this need from what she had been through but just not physically possible.
These rages continued throughout the week although we did find ways to calm her down as we went through the week. She loved going for walks in the stroller and accepted sitting by me in the chair rather than being carried around. But we were just never sure when she would act out and how bad it would be. It was a very long week and it will take me awhile to forgive myself for putting Jamie through that.
It may have went better if we were prepared for the behavior but there was just no indication. I am convinced Allie's institution had her drugged, either constantly or for our first visit because there would have been no way to hide this for the 15-20 hours we spent with her. I also believe she was abused, either by other kids there or the workers. If you approach her too quickly she throws her hands in front of her face and cringes backwards as if expecting to be hit. We knew this was one set of behaviors we could not handle, both at our age and with the other kids in the house so we were very specific in asking questions about self harming or aggressive behaviors and were assured there were none. I cannot honestly say what we would have done had we known about this prior to committing to Allie at the end of our first trip but I know for sure we would not have brought Jamie on the second trip and put her though that week of hell.
I thought things would improve once we got home and into a routine and they have to a certain degree but the rages continue and Vessy is in the middle of an about 10 day hospital stay and is headed for a G-tube next week. That is one stubborn little girl.
Allie seems happy most of the times but when the rages come on her it is like a different person.
Some behaviors include:
Angry, feral facial expression
Hitting herself (hard) on the legs and head
Pinching her ears, inside her wrists and inner thighs
Pulling her hair
Violently pushing chairs and other furniture
Trying to pull down the drapes
Knocking over or throwing whatever she get her hands on

Triggers are mostly centered now on feeding, attention and shoes, yes shoes. She wants to wear shoes but not ones that fit her. She want to wear Vessy's shoes (way too small) or our shoes (way too big) and she really rages about it.

I will stop for now but if anyone has any ideas, please share.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


If you are adopting or have adopted you know how sweet those words are. God has once again provided despite my own doubts and worries. He does that a lot. I love it when He shows His power and love. He used a lot of people to make this happen and I would like to take a few lines to acknowledge and thank them. I know for a fact some of the people could not afford to give what they did but did as they were led anyways.
Thank you:

Jon and Shawn Del as our first contributors and Jon and Jen close behind. It was pretty awesome to have people donate the very Sunday we announced to our church about adopting Vessy...Allie came later. :)

Grace Harbor Church of the Nazarene for hosting our yard sale fundraiser and those who donated to the tip jar...Mel, Rick and Linda, Lindy, Dave, the Gullicksons and the Williams...and to the ones we did not know who dropped some extra in the tip jar just to help our girls.

Vessy and Allie's Grandpa Bob and Grandma Pat who not only contributed generously throughout but also bought us an IPAD to take on the first trip, which gave us great pictures and movies and which Vessy just loved to use to look at herself and just wonder at how cute she is.

Reece's Rainbow for the older child grant and introducing us to our girls.

Lifesong for the interest free loan.

Kelley Jo Hayes for her Mary Kay fundraiser.

Charlotte Pritchett for her Scentsy fundraiser.

Sandy Kroese for her Tastefully Simple fundraiser.

Mandy, Chandres and the rest of "The Finishers". This particular fundraiser came at a time when Trish and I were really missing Vessy and Allie and was especially encouraging. A special thanks to those who donated and those who matched. :)

To all those who gave us cash donations or contributed to our FSP and donated to the puzzle fundraiser (puzzles are proudly displayed in our entryway) and to Jamie's airline ticket (she is SO excited to meet her sisters):
Michele, Olly Paw, Tyler, Mark, Kim and Shane, Jason, Black Sheep, Rain, Arie, Tammy, Kelly, Beth, Nancy, Courtney, Donna, Candy, Dawn, Cheri, Kevin and Annie, Carol, Keith and Steph, Moolyn, Jess, Nils and Jen, Kayla, Brian and Kate, Jamie, our friends from down under Mark and Nichol, Jessica, John and Val, Aunt Lora, Pastor Mark and Sarah, Paul, David, Jacob and Kate, Elizabeth, Paul, Jennifer, Leila, Trevor and Amanda, Lisa, Keith and Susan, Brenda, Lisa, Sandra, Weston and Jessica, Liz, Kourtney and Angie.

We also had a number of generous anonymous donors who we would like to thank. I hope they see this post and know they are appreciated. So many people we do not even know helping us get our girls home.

Thank you all. Now it's time to go get our girls. Come on court date!
Friday, May 11, 2012

The Avengers and The Finishers

Went to see The Avengers last night. Fun movie, Good versus Evil, Heroes vs Villains, the usual superhero movie but pretty well done (it was awesome actually).

I came home to find my own version of a superhero story playing out as we had been visited by "The Finishers", a secretive, small yet powerful group of heroes who bring adopting families across that all important finish line of "FULLY FUNDED".

In our case this could not have come at a more opportune time. Of course it will be fantastic to have the financial part of the adoption taken care of but also being lifted up like this as we reach 10 WEEKS since we have left our girls is such an encouragement. Trish has written about 10:00am our time when Bulgaria closes for business and how depressing that time is for us. I could also include Fridays in that as we know there are 2 days coming with no chance of hearing about a court date. Many of you have been through this and can appreciate then how sweet it is when people come up beside you and support you.

So "The Finishers" swoop in and offer an $800 matching grant for any funds donated to our FSP until midnight tonight. If we reach that goal and those funds are matched we will be fully funded. When our FSP reaches a total of $3032 the $800 match will have been met.Then all that will be standing between us and Vessy and Allie is a court date and a travel date. Thank you from all of us for any help you are led to give. :)   -Ron
Saturday, May 5, 2012

10:00 a.m. central time

About 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, I find myself getting anxious.  Checking my email, checking for texts.  Those of you who are in the process of adoption know what I am talking about.
Waiting for news.  You see, 10 a.m. is close of business day in Bulgaria.  And at this time, if there is no new email, no text, I know it will be at least another day before we hear news of our travel dates. 
It is so frustrating, waiting.  Waiting.  I kid Ron that he should never have prayed for patience because this is the answer to that prayer. 
And I love reading the RR blogs, cheering for these people I will probably never meet.  People that I have love in common with, love for little people half a world away.  Two families are in Bulgaria now, one to meet their child for the first time, the Lindquists to bring their son home.   And as much as I love seeing their pictures of Bulgaria, I have to admit being envious.  Sad, huh?  I am so happy for these happy families, and so sad for us.  I keep reminding myself that our girls have waited 7 and 8 years for a family, that they can wait a few more weeks.  Right?  I know it doesn't make sense, but my heart aches to be there.  To finally have our Gotcha Days. 
I have pictured so many aspects of our trip home with Vessy and Allie.  Nerves going through security with a blind child, security with a very busy runner with Ds.  Hoping Vessy doesn't use this time to make a break for it :).  I want to be the family on the plane that all the other people are thinking, "9 hr plane ride with these people!  Oh no!" 
And more than anything else I want to know that our girls haven't forgotten us.  Or think we forgot them.  Because we didn't.  Pray without ceasing has taken on a whole new meaning for me.
In the meantime, I will be joyful for friends I haven't met.  And particularly joyful for sweet little children who are gaining a family.  Hugs to you, Connie Clark Lindquist, and save some spices for me.  Ron and I should be there soon!!
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

We Need Your Help

As we wait for word and prepare for our second trip to pick up Allie and Vessy we find ourselves somewhat short on funds for this final part of our adoption journey. I must admit I did not plan accurately for the price of airfare at this time of year, but even if I had known the true cost of this trip I am not sure I could have done much differently.

I do not ask for help easily or take the request lightly so in the interest of disclosure here is where we stand right now.

Paid out so far:
$14,000 country program fees for 2 children different locations
$3,700   first trip
$3,250   agency fees
$2,700   home study and associated fees
$1,600   USCIS
$800      visas
$500      postage
$250      apostilles
$200      dossier
$27,000 Total

Funds raised so far:
$10,000  2nd mortgage
$8,000    personal loan
$8,000    savings
$2150     FSP donations
$1350     Direct donations
$1,100    RR older child grant
$30,600 Total

I would guess right now we are about $4000 from being  fully funded. We will continue to cut corners and put away what we can but (hopefully) our Gotcha Day is coming fast so if you are led to help it would be so appreciated. Thank you and keep the prayers coming.

Can not wait to get these faces home. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Missing My Girls

Well it has been about six weeks since we got back from our first trip. I have been missing Allie and Vessy a lot so I thought I would put together a couple of videos I can put on a flash drive to have with me. I would never have thought the waiting between the first trip and Gotcha Day would be the hardest part of this journey. I thought once we got to meet them and had a bunch of pictures and videos it would make it a lot easier but I think it actually makes it harder. Hopefully soon we can count the time in weeks instead of months. Anyways, here are my videos. I tried to capture the personality of each of these sweet girls and tried to show why I am so anxious to be their daddy.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

My little Bulgarian Americans

My mom sent me a message that Rita Wilson was on a tv show called "Who do you think you are?" and it was filmed in Bulgaria.  I missed it on tv, but watched it today on computer.  I got so excited when I saw Sofia!  They traveled around and for those who have been there for their first trip, you will understand when I say it made me sad.  Sad for my 2 girls that are still there, waiting. 
Our translator had told us about growing up in Bulgaria during the Communist regime and it was interesting to see it talked about on the show.  It helped me understand alot about the people.  And perhaps, why my 2 little girls are living where they are. 
A year ago, I couldn't probably have picked Bulgaria out on a map.  But since we fell in love with 2 sweet little faces, I have learned to respect it.  And after visiting Bulgaria for the first trip, I have been fascinated with it. 
Rita talked several times about why her father wanted to get to America, his dreams of freedom, acceptance, to have a home, family.  As I watched this, it made me cry to realize that my girls don't have these dreams.  But  I have these dreams for them.  And these will come true!  Soon. And they will know where they came from, and will love America.  Home sweet home.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Since we've been back...

Ron and I have been reading with great excitement others blogs.  Cheering for those presently in country, commiserating with others who are also waiting. 
It's been an exciting few weeks for us since we returned from our first trip to meet our girls.  Our church has a potluck after church last Sunday of the month.  We were surprised to find out the one in February was actually a surprise shower for our family.  There were princess decorations all over, and our Pastors daughter (a sweet little princess herself, Ainsley McLaughlin) lent her beloved Disney princess dolls to be part of the decorations.  We received lots of clothes for them, and several gift cards that we are going to use to buy a swing set for the backyard.  A bit of cash to be put toward plane tickets.  (And we've been pricing them for 2nd trip, yikes, they just keep getting worse!)
I received an early birthday gift from my daughter Katie, a beautiful necklace that says "From Orphan to Princess" that she got from another family adopting from RR.  It's got the birthstones of Allie (Oct) and Vessy (August), and mine.  Quite coincidentally, these are also the birthstones of Jamie (August) and our first child, Anna (Oct) who is now a Princess living with the King of Kings.  It touched my heart.
And just Monday received the news we will be grandparents for the 2nd time!  Our son Sam, and his sweet Jessica are expecting!  I am so amazed how God keeps blessing us!  Thank you all for your continued prayers as we wait for our return trip.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well I got a friendly nudge via email reminding me I have not posted about our second week visits with Allie so here goes.

We were only allowed one visit on Monday because Allie normally doesn't do well with strangers and they wanted to see how she handled it with one visit. She sat with her caregivers for about half an hour while we talked to her so she could get used to our voices and then they came and sat her beside Trish. Within a few minutes she was climbing onto Trisha's lap and 10 minutes or so after that she crawled into my lap. She stayed there for the rest of the visit. You could feel how much she craved that contact and attention.

Allie was just content to snug with us today for the most part. She just couldn't seem to get enough contact and us just whispering into her ear as we held her. It was awesome. She did start to loosen up in the afternoon and we heard her laugh for the first time. What a sweet sound!!

We took Allie to get her passport photo in the morning. She loved the van ride and the attention she got at the photo place. In the afternoon she spoke her first words. Her caregivers just went crazy. She said her name and mommy. They said she said daddy but I did not hear that. Just a fantastic afternoon.

We were given such a treat on Thursday morning. Bulgaria celebrates "Baba Marta" on March 1 which is the day "Grandmother March" ushers in spring. The kids were putting on a play and we were allowed to sit in and watch. After the play the mayor of the small village presented Trish and me with martenitsas, which are red and white bracelets or pins that are given out during Baba Marta. It was one of the highlights of the whole trip. The first picture below is Allie in her play costume. I also got Allie to laugh today and there is a video below of that.

Just a morning visit today and then headed back to Sofia. Allie was just clinging to Trish today. Wanted nothing to do with me. I was very happy about that as she had been a little clingy to me earlier. I know she knew she was being held by her mommy. It was beautiful. She gave us both a nice kiss before we left.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


As many of you know, Mom and Dad are in Ella and Allie's country! They have been there for just over a week, visiting Ella the first week and visiting Allie the second. While they've had enough of an Internet connection to send pictures to us, they do not have quite a strong enough connection to update the blog. Without further ado, here's Ron and Trish's first week travelling! There's pictures and the details we have from what they told us. I'll update more frequently this week, as they visit Allie!

Day 1:
Mom and Dad visited the orphanage early in the morning and met Ella's caretaker. This is when they learned that they do not call her Ella, they call her by the nickname Vessy. Since that's what she responds to and has known for the first ~8 years of her life, that's what they're going to call her. 

Vessy took to Mom and Dad very quickly, and enjoyed sitting on Mom's lap and looking at her iPad and camera. She loved looking at pictures of her big sister Jamie, the cats they have at home, and ESPECIALLY pictures of herself!

This is also the day they found out that Vessy is a strong-willed little girl. When her caretaker would put on her shoes or try to get her to play with stacking blocks, she'd throw them across the room. 

Day 2:
Two visits again today. Today, Vessy was a lot more snuggy with her Daddy! She liked sitting on his lap and playing with his beard. They played a game from Gina the Giraffe on the iPad with her today. In it, you tap the screen at the same time the giraffe does. This comes into play tomorrow :)

Day 3:
Today, Vessy's caretaker tried to get Vessy to color for them. She started tapping the paper like she expected it to react like the iPad :) They went for a van ride, which Vessy loved, and then went for a walk in the park.

Day 4:
Vessy, Mom, and Dad got to go to the park again. In addition, they got some nice pictures of Vessy and her caregiver. She is such a sweet, smiley girl! The picture of Mom, Dad, and Vessy outside is where the first picture they ever saw of Vessy was taken :)

Day 5:
Rough day today, Mom and Dad only got one visit in the morning instead of one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They also had to say goodbye and get ready to go back to the capital city. While they had fun with Vessy, it was very hard to say goodbye!

As they left, Vessy saw the vehicle they were leaving in and wanted to go for a ride. When her caretaker said no, she started crying. Poor honey!

Goodbye Vessy, we'll see you soon!
Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well, we have been in Bulgaria for three days now and have spent some really nice time with Vesela. That doesn't begin to do the experience justice but everything is pretty overwhelming. We have morning and afternoon sessions with her monday to Thursday and then a morning session Friday and then back to Sofia. Already dreading leaving her but will set that aside for a few days and just embrace this time. Then we travel on Sunday and get to meet Allie on Monday. So far this has been a great experience and far easier than I imagined. Praise God. Our translator/driver Dimitri has been awesome as well. Thank you for the continued prayers.

I have many pictures and vids but can't seem to get that to work with the iPad right now but there are many posted on Trisha's Facebook. Will keep trying
Saturday, February 11, 2012


We have received notice of our written referral and travel dates. We leave next Friday the 17th to meet our daughters. :) It looks like we get to spend a week with each girl. :) We have 5 days to get our act together and ready to go so excuse the lack of blogging for awhile. Our daughter Kate will take over for awhile. Gotta go. Busy thanking God and getting ready. -Ron

Next Monday we will walk into a room and meet one of our new daughters for the first time. Wow.
Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My dad

For some odd reason, I've always believed that the people we love who have went to Heaven already, help pick out the babies for us to raise down here. My Grandpa Ward and Grandpa Franklin picked out our first daughter Anna. When she went to stay with them back in Heaven, at an hour old, I struggled. When it came time for Katie, I believe Anna chose her for us. My father in law chose my Sammy. I believe my Dad knew how much we wanted to honor him with a child named after him and chose out my Jamie. And now, all these years later, all these precious people who have went before have chosen little angels already on earth for us to love and call our children.
Today it's been 14 years since my dad died unexpectedly at 53. I like to think he is still watching out for us, and chose Ella and Allie. Because he once saw 2 children, my brother and me, who needed a daddy who loved them. And a daddy to love.
Sunday, February 5, 2012


We received our verbal referral on Tuesday. We are now waiting for our written referral and our first travel dates. I have a feeling the girls will be comfortable here. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Girls Room

Just a quick look at Ella and Allie's room. We are so anxious to fill those beds. I had such a vivid dream about Allie Friday night. Was kind of sad to wake up. I have had several dreams of Ella but that was the first time I have dreamt of Allie. It was sweet. Anyways, here is their room and hopefully soon we will have pictures of the girls sleeping in those beds.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Greatest Gift From God

Our Aunt Lora sent us a donation for Jamie's ticket along with the following poem. She added a note that if we didn't like it we could just toss it. I am pretty sure it is going to get tossed right up on the wall. Thank you Lora.

The Greatest Gift From God

You didn't know the day Jamie was born,
What the future held in store.
You had no idea that the Lord above,
Would bless you not once, but twice more!

The Lord knew you had tons of love,
And a home you wanted to share.
And working as only He can do,
He placed Ella and Allie in your care.

He placed them in your heart and souls,
You welcomed them both from the start
He placed them in your lives to love,
We're so thankful He did His part!

Because the greatest gift from the Lord,
Is a child to hold and love,
and He sent these two precious girls
with all His blessings from above.

Great week

Did you ever hear the old saying "May you live in interesting times"?  Well, it's been an interesting week here.  Our paperwork has been sitting on a desk for several weeks, waiting to be signed and passed on.  There's been talk of some issues in our adoptive country and frustration on the parts of many families waiting for permission to bring their children home. 
As of last Wednesday, the pile of paperwork on that particular desk has been given approval, and there are alot of relieved families!  Praise God for answered prayers! 
I pat the pictures of Ella and Allie several times a day (as I walk past the refrigerator, or the front entry to our house) and say "Mommy's coming!".  We are on the "Almost There" page now, and will be on the "Traveling Now" page  soooooo soon.  Thank you all for your prayers and various forms of support through this process. 
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Power of God

I no longer believe in coincidence. We started out the day wondering what was going on in our adoption country, wondering if our adoption was going to be delayed or even if we would be bringing our girls home at all. We decided to do a 24 hour prayer and fast. Just "coincidentally" we got word today our dossier has been submitted and accepted by the MOJ. When does it stop being coincidence and start being the hand of God? As for me and my house, we choose the hand of God.
Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Last Fundraiser (I Promise)

Ever since she was little, our daughter Jamie (12 years old) has wanted to be a big sister. We always joked with her and said "Sorry honey, not unless God has a surprise for us." Clearly, Ella and Allie are part of God's plan for us! Jamie has worked so hard getting the girls' room ready, preparing to be a big sister, and helping to fundraise, that we think it's only fair that she gets to come with us on our second trip.

On our second trip, we plan on bringing Jamie with us to help us with the girls and begin bonding with them as their big sister. we will be doing some shopping in the capital city before coming back, and Jamie would love to bring back souvenirs for anyone who donates to her plane ticket. If you want to donate, please look at the fundraiser information on the right hand side of the blog.

Thanks again for your ongoing support in this journey. As we prepare to travel, please continue to pray for us and keep us in your thoughts.
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Family

Thanks to all who are making this possible.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Puzzle is Complete

God and friends continue to amaze!  :)

Back of Ella's Puzzle

Back of Allie's Puzzle
Together Where They Belong


We got a phone call tonight from old friends who were going to stop by in a few minutes.  They sponsored the last pieces from the girls puzzles!  Very unexpected blessings from people who had been praying for our girls (and us) for a long time.  They asked not to be named, but your names are etched on my heart.  Thank you.  And thank you to everyone who either sponsored pieces, or just outright gave us some money for these precious little souls.  And thank you to all who have prayed and keep us in their prayers. 

It amazes me that these little girls have touched so many lives, and yet they still don't have a clue.  They don't know that half a world away there is a family anxiously waiting for them.  They have a daddy and sisters who have painted a princess room for them.  A big brother who is waiting to spoil them.  A mommy who tears up 10X a day praying for their safety.  A family who loves them already.  An extended family that can't wait to play with them, take them to the zoo, to love on them.  They have a God who keeps them in His sights, and who has made the (seemingly) impossible, possible.

We are so blessed.  Thank you all.

Watch It Grow 7

Only 12 more pieces to go for each of our sweet little girls!  :)
I can't wait to buy their tickets to come home!!

.....well, two girls actually. :)

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