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Our Journey So Far

May 28 Waiting for court date
May 21 Waiting for court date
May 17 Dossier signed by MOJ and forwarded to court
May 14 Waiting for court date
May 7 Waiting for court date
April 30 Waiting for court date
April 23 Waiting for court date
April 16 Waiting for court date
April 11 Article 5 paperwork out for translation and authentication
April 10 Article 5 meeting
April 9 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
April 2 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 26 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 19 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Legal name change document sent to agency
March 5 I-800 submitted
March 3 Home again
February 27-March 2 With sweet Allie
February 20-24 With sassy Vessy
February 17 Off to meet our girls
February 10 Airline tickets purchased
February 10 Written referral signed and OK to travel given
January 31 Notified of verbal referral from MOJ
January 30 Waiting.....
January 23 Waiting.....
January 18 Dossier submitted and accepted by MOJ
January 16 Waiting.....
January 9 Waiting.....
January 2 Waiting.....
December 27 Dossier received in adoption country
December 23 Dossier mailed
December 22 Received apostilled documents
December 16 13 documents notarized and sent for apostille
December 15 I-800A approval received
December 12 Waiting.....
December 5 Waiting.....
November 28 Waiting.....
November 21 Waiting.....
November 17 Apostilled FBI clearance received
November 14 Biometric fingerprints done
November 3 FBI clearance sent for apostille
November 2 FBI clearance received
October 20 Fingerprint appt received for November 14
September 28 I-800A submitted
September 28 Home study received
September 27 Commitment documents for Allie sent to agency in adoption country.
September 25 All required adoption training complete
September 24 Ron completes Hague training
September 22 Apostilled marriage license received
September 21 Sent commitment papers for Allie to be apostilled
September 21 Notified home study is complete
September 20 Received new picture of Allie
September 18 Trish completes Hague training
September 17 Completed 6 hour training with Bethany
September 15 Applied for WI approval to adopt Allie
September 14 Received local police clearances for dossier
September 14 Allie joins Ella on RR family page
September 14 Registered for 8 hour Hague training with NCFA
September 6 Registered for 6 hour training with Bethany
September 5 Applied for WI approval to adopt Ella
September 5 Marriage license to MO for apostille
September 2 Trish medical complete
August 30 Final homestudy session
August 23 Ron medical complete
August 18 Ron passport received
August 17 Paperwork and fingerprints sent to FBI
August 16 2nd home study meeting
August 16 Fingerprints taken
August 16 Trish physical
August 12 Appt set for fingerprinting for FBI background check
August 12 Ron employment verification received for dossier
August 11 Ron physical
August 10 FSP established on RR
August 9 Commitment documents and disclosure sent to Reece’s Rainbow
August 8 Apostilled commitment documents sent to adoption country
August 5 Background check paperwork sent to homestudy agency
August 4 Background check forms to SC
August 4 Background check forms to MN
August 3 Introduced to Allie
August 3 Sent multiple documents to home study agency
August 2 Emailed Reece’s Rainbow application
August 1 Sent contract to home study agency
July 28 Sent commitment documents to be apostilled
July 28 Meeting for home study
July 25 Passport applied for
July 22 Ron passport photo taken
July 22 Service agreement sent to adoption agency
July 22 Ella moved to My Family Found Me page
July 21 application approved by adoption agency
July 14 sent application to home study agency
July 13 phone interview with adoption agency
July 12 phone interview with adoption agency
July 11 initiated home study
July 9 sent initial application to adoption agency
July 8 "introduced" to Ella
July 7 first contact with Reece’s Rainbow
Saturday, March 31, 2012

My little Bulgarian Americans

My mom sent me a message that Rita Wilson was on a tv show called "Who do you think you are?" and it was filmed in Bulgaria.  I missed it on tv, but watched it today on computer.  I got so excited when I saw Sofia!  They traveled around and for those who have been there for their first trip, you will understand when I say it made me sad.  Sad for my 2 girls that are still there, waiting. 
Our translator had told us about growing up in Bulgaria during the Communist regime and it was interesting to see it talked about on the show.  It helped me understand alot about the people.  And perhaps, why my 2 little girls are living where they are. 
A year ago, I couldn't probably have picked Bulgaria out on a map.  But since we fell in love with 2 sweet little faces, I have learned to respect it.  And after visiting Bulgaria for the first trip, I have been fascinated with it. 
Rita talked several times about why her father wanted to get to America, his dreams of freedom, acceptance, to have a home, family.  As I watched this, it made me cry to realize that my girls don't have these dreams.  But  I have these dreams for them.  And these will come true!  Soon. And they will know where they came from, and will love America.  Home sweet home.
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Since we've been back...

Ron and I have been reading with great excitement others blogs.  Cheering for those presently in country, commiserating with others who are also waiting. 
It's been an exciting few weeks for us since we returned from our first trip to meet our girls.  Our church has a potluck after church last Sunday of the month.  We were surprised to find out the one in February was actually a surprise shower for our family.  There were princess decorations all over, and our Pastors daughter (a sweet little princess herself, Ainsley McLaughlin) lent her beloved Disney princess dolls to be part of the decorations.  We received lots of clothes for them, and several gift cards that we are going to use to buy a swing set for the backyard.  A bit of cash to be put toward plane tickets.  (And we've been pricing them for 2nd trip, yikes, they just keep getting worse!)
I received an early birthday gift from my daughter Katie, a beautiful necklace that says "From Orphan to Princess" that she got from another family adopting from RR.  It's got the birthstones of Allie (Oct) and Vessy (August), and mine.  Quite coincidentally, these are also the birthstones of Jamie (August) and our first child, Anna (Oct) who is now a Princess living with the King of Kings.  It touched my heart.
And just Monday received the news we will be grandparents for the 2nd time!  Our son Sam, and his sweet Jessica are expecting!  I am so amazed how God keeps blessing us!  Thank you all for your continued prayers as we wait for our return trip.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Well I got a friendly nudge via email reminding me I have not posted about our second week visits with Allie so here goes.

We were only allowed one visit on Monday because Allie normally doesn't do well with strangers and they wanted to see how she handled it with one visit. She sat with her caregivers for about half an hour while we talked to her so she could get used to our voices and then they came and sat her beside Trish. Within a few minutes she was climbing onto Trisha's lap and 10 minutes or so after that she crawled into my lap. She stayed there for the rest of the visit. You could feel how much she craved that contact and attention.

Allie was just content to snug with us today for the most part. She just couldn't seem to get enough contact and us just whispering into her ear as we held her. It was awesome. She did start to loosen up in the afternoon and we heard her laugh for the first time. What a sweet sound!!

We took Allie to get her passport photo in the morning. She loved the van ride and the attention she got at the photo place. In the afternoon she spoke her first words. Her caregivers just went crazy. She said her name and mommy. They said she said daddy but I did not hear that. Just a fantastic afternoon.

We were given such a treat on Thursday morning. Bulgaria celebrates "Baba Marta" on March 1 which is the day "Grandmother March" ushers in spring. The kids were putting on a play and we were allowed to sit in and watch. After the play the mayor of the small village presented Trish and me with martenitsas, which are red and white bracelets or pins that are given out during Baba Marta. It was one of the highlights of the whole trip. The first picture below is Allie in her play costume. I also got Allie to laugh today and there is a video below of that.

Just a morning visit today and then headed back to Sofia. Allie was just clinging to Trish today. Wanted nothing to do with me. I was very happy about that as she had been a little clingy to me earlier. I know she knew she was being held by her mommy. It was beautiful. She gave us both a nice kiss before we left.

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