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Our Journey So Far

May 28 Waiting for court date
May 21 Waiting for court date
May 17 Dossier signed by MOJ and forwarded to court
May 14 Waiting for court date
May 7 Waiting for court date
April 30 Waiting for court date
April 23 Waiting for court date
April 16 Waiting for court date
April 11 Article 5 paperwork out for translation and authentication
April 10 Article 5 meeting
April 9 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
April 2 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 26 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 19 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Legal name change document sent to agency
March 5 I-800 submitted
March 3 Home again
February 27-March 2 With sweet Allie
February 20-24 With sassy Vessy
February 17 Off to meet our girls
February 10 Airline tickets purchased
February 10 Written referral signed and OK to travel given
January 31 Notified of verbal referral from MOJ
January 30 Waiting.....
January 23 Waiting.....
January 18 Dossier submitted and accepted by MOJ
January 16 Waiting.....
January 9 Waiting.....
January 2 Waiting.....
December 27 Dossier received in adoption country
December 23 Dossier mailed
December 22 Received apostilled documents
December 16 13 documents notarized and sent for apostille
December 15 I-800A approval received
December 12 Waiting.....
December 5 Waiting.....
November 28 Waiting.....
November 21 Waiting.....
November 17 Apostilled FBI clearance received
November 14 Biometric fingerprints done
November 3 FBI clearance sent for apostille
November 2 FBI clearance received
October 20 Fingerprint appt received for November 14
September 28 I-800A submitted
September 28 Home study received
September 27 Commitment documents for Allie sent to agency in adoption country.
September 25 All required adoption training complete
September 24 Ron completes Hague training
September 22 Apostilled marriage license received
September 21 Sent commitment papers for Allie to be apostilled
September 21 Notified home study is complete
September 20 Received new picture of Allie
September 18 Trish completes Hague training
September 17 Completed 6 hour training with Bethany
September 15 Applied for WI approval to adopt Allie
September 14 Received local police clearances for dossier
September 14 Allie joins Ella on RR family page
September 14 Registered for 8 hour Hague training with NCFA
September 6 Registered for 6 hour training with Bethany
September 5 Applied for WI approval to adopt Ella
September 5 Marriage license to MO for apostille
September 2 Trish medical complete
August 30 Final homestudy session
August 23 Ron medical complete
August 18 Ron passport received
August 17 Paperwork and fingerprints sent to FBI
August 16 2nd home study meeting
August 16 Fingerprints taken
August 16 Trish physical
August 12 Appt set for fingerprinting for FBI background check
August 12 Ron employment verification received for dossier
August 11 Ron physical
August 10 FSP established on RR
August 9 Commitment documents and disclosure sent to Reece’s Rainbow
August 8 Apostilled commitment documents sent to adoption country
August 5 Background check paperwork sent to homestudy agency
August 4 Background check forms to SC
August 4 Background check forms to MN
August 3 Introduced to Allie
August 3 Sent multiple documents to home study agency
August 2 Emailed Reece’s Rainbow application
August 1 Sent contract to home study agency
July 28 Sent commitment documents to be apostilled
July 28 Meeting for home study
July 25 Passport applied for
July 22 Ron passport photo taken
July 22 Service agreement sent to adoption agency
July 22 Ella moved to My Family Found Me page
July 21 application approved by adoption agency
July 14 sent application to home study agency
July 13 phone interview with adoption agency
July 12 phone interview with adoption agency
July 11 initiated home study
July 9 sent initial application to adoption agency
July 8 "introduced" to Ella
July 7 first contact with Reece’s Rainbow
Sunday, February 26, 2012


As many of you know, Mom and Dad are in Ella and Allie's country! They have been there for just over a week, visiting Ella the first week and visiting Allie the second. While they've had enough of an Internet connection to send pictures to us, they do not have quite a strong enough connection to update the blog. Without further ado, here's Ron and Trish's first week travelling! There's pictures and the details we have from what they told us. I'll update more frequently this week, as they visit Allie!

Day 1:
Mom and Dad visited the orphanage early in the morning and met Ella's caretaker. This is when they learned that they do not call her Ella, they call her by the nickname Vessy. Since that's what she responds to and has known for the first ~8 years of her life, that's what they're going to call her. 

Vessy took to Mom and Dad very quickly, and enjoyed sitting on Mom's lap and looking at her iPad and camera. She loved looking at pictures of her big sister Jamie, the cats they have at home, and ESPECIALLY pictures of herself!

This is also the day they found out that Vessy is a strong-willed little girl. When her caretaker would put on her shoes or try to get her to play with stacking blocks, she'd throw them across the room. 

Day 2:
Two visits again today. Today, Vessy was a lot more snuggy with her Daddy! She liked sitting on his lap and playing with his beard. They played a game from Gina the Giraffe on the iPad with her today. In it, you tap the screen at the same time the giraffe does. This comes into play tomorrow :)

Day 3:
Today, Vessy's caretaker tried to get Vessy to color for them. She started tapping the paper like she expected it to react like the iPad :) They went for a van ride, which Vessy loved, and then went for a walk in the park.

Day 4:
Vessy, Mom, and Dad got to go to the park again. In addition, they got some nice pictures of Vessy and her caregiver. She is such a sweet, smiley girl! The picture of Mom, Dad, and Vessy outside is where the first picture they ever saw of Vessy was taken :)

Day 5:
Rough day today, Mom and Dad only got one visit in the morning instead of one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They also had to say goodbye and get ready to go back to the capital city. While they had fun with Vessy, it was very hard to say goodbye!

As they left, Vessy saw the vehicle they were leaving in and wanted to go for a ride. When her caretaker said no, she started crying. Poor honey!

Goodbye Vessy, we'll see you soon!


Sabrina said...


Maria said...

Vessy is SO cute and I love her name :) so wonderful

ME said...

Hmm was hoping for pics and news of sweet Allie. Did you get to meet her?

Much love
Brendamac from RR

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