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Our Journey So Far

May 28 Waiting for court date
May 21 Waiting for court date
May 17 Dossier signed by MOJ and forwarded to court
May 14 Waiting for court date
May 7 Waiting for court date
April 30 Waiting for court date
April 23 Waiting for court date
April 16 Waiting for court date
April 11 Article 5 paperwork out for translation and authentication
April 10 Article 5 meeting
April 9 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
April 2 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 26 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 19 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Waiting for Article 5 meeting
March 12 Legal name change document sent to agency
March 5 I-800 submitted
March 3 Home again
February 27-March 2 With sweet Allie
February 20-24 With sassy Vessy
February 17 Off to meet our girls
February 10 Airline tickets purchased
February 10 Written referral signed and OK to travel given
January 31 Notified of verbal referral from MOJ
January 30 Waiting.....
January 23 Waiting.....
January 18 Dossier submitted and accepted by MOJ
January 16 Waiting.....
January 9 Waiting.....
January 2 Waiting.....
December 27 Dossier received in adoption country
December 23 Dossier mailed
December 22 Received apostilled documents
December 16 13 documents notarized and sent for apostille
December 15 I-800A approval received
December 12 Waiting.....
December 5 Waiting.....
November 28 Waiting.....
November 21 Waiting.....
November 17 Apostilled FBI clearance received
November 14 Biometric fingerprints done
November 3 FBI clearance sent for apostille
November 2 FBI clearance received
October 20 Fingerprint appt received for November 14
September 28 I-800A submitted
September 28 Home study received
September 27 Commitment documents for Allie sent to agency in adoption country.
September 25 All required adoption training complete
September 24 Ron completes Hague training
September 22 Apostilled marriage license received
September 21 Sent commitment papers for Allie to be apostilled
September 21 Notified home study is complete
September 20 Received new picture of Allie
September 18 Trish completes Hague training
September 17 Completed 6 hour training with Bethany
September 15 Applied for WI approval to adopt Allie
September 14 Received local police clearances for dossier
September 14 Allie joins Ella on RR family page
September 14 Registered for 8 hour Hague training with NCFA
September 6 Registered for 6 hour training with Bethany
September 5 Applied for WI approval to adopt Ella
September 5 Marriage license to MO for apostille
September 2 Trish medical complete
August 30 Final homestudy session
August 23 Ron medical complete
August 18 Ron passport received
August 17 Paperwork and fingerprints sent to FBI
August 16 2nd home study meeting
August 16 Fingerprints taken
August 16 Trish physical
August 12 Appt set for fingerprinting for FBI background check
August 12 Ron employment verification received for dossier
August 11 Ron physical
August 10 FSP established on RR
August 9 Commitment documents and disclosure sent to Reece’s Rainbow
August 8 Apostilled commitment documents sent to adoption country
August 5 Background check paperwork sent to homestudy agency
August 4 Background check forms to SC
August 4 Background check forms to MN
August 3 Introduced to Allie
August 3 Sent multiple documents to home study agency
August 2 Emailed Reece’s Rainbow application
August 1 Sent contract to home study agency
July 28 Sent commitment documents to be apostilled
July 28 Meeting for home study
July 25 Passport applied for
July 22 Ron passport photo taken
July 22 Service agreement sent to adoption agency
July 22 Ella moved to My Family Found Me page
July 21 application approved by adoption agency
July 14 sent application to home study agency
July 13 phone interview with adoption agency
July 12 phone interview with adoption agency
July 11 initiated home study
July 9 sent initial application to adoption agency
July 8 "introduced" to Ella
July 7 first contact with Reece’s Rainbow
Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Tale of Two Divas

Well, we have been home with the girls almost two months now. It has definitely been a roller-coaster ride. Things are better now than our first few weeks home.  It looks like both our divas will be spending some time each day at our special needs school, which I am happy to say has the reputation of being top notch. We are in the process of doing their IEP’s so hopefully all that will lead to them getting some good guidance and occupational therapies.
Both girls sleep very well for the most part (fingers crossed). I don’t think they sleep the whole time but for the most part they are quiet in their beds from 8pm-6am. Those of you with children who have sleeping issues know what a big deal this is. The only issue we have at night so far is when Vessy’s feeding machine alarms out but soon all her feeding will be done during the day so that will go away also.

Her feeding and health issues are being managed well now. Between the G-tube feedings with which she has gained almost ten pounds and the meds regimen that is repairing the ulcers in her throat and stomach she is a much different little girl than 6 weeks ago. She still has an aversion to food but drinks clear liquids almost every day. We are hoping of course that she will still eat normally one day but for now she is getting healthy and getting the nutrition she needs.
She has just transformed from a listless and sad little girl to this joyful child whose smile and personality just lights up our days. She has just fallen in love with Jamie and Jamie with her. Vessy will laugh at just about anything Jamie does and Jamie even has her at the beginning stages of signing and verbalizing. She is just very affectionate in general, loves attention and just thinks she is all that (do not get her near a mirror J).
She still is a stubborn little diva who thinks her place is to be carried and pampered all day long. She is learning some hard lessons in that area though. Even Anna had her walking laps through the house the other day (Vessy would sit at her spot on the couch and watch TV all day long if she was allowed). She is gaining strength every day. It is most noticeable when she walks up and down the stairs. She now climbs foot over foot rather than stepping onto a stair and then bringing the other foot to the same stair. Seems like a small thing but is a big step in leg strength.
The real point I want to make about Vessy is she seems to know we are her family now and just loves it. I really think she thinks she has died and went to heaven (except when the physical therapist shows up). She knows she is very loved and it is obvious she feels the same way about us.

Allie’s adjustment has been quite a bit more difficult. I have documented her rages and other behaviors in previous posts. I am happy to say between us, her pediatrician and her psychiatrist we seem to have come to a good med and dosage level to help her.  We are still seeing some self-harming and emotional behaviors but far more mild than when she was on no meds.  She does still have bouts of crying where at times there is no comfort to be given. It is a very mournful cry.  On the other hand, two minutes later she can be smiling and talking so we just need to help her through them.
I am anxious to get Allie into school as we are having trouble getting her interested in any activities. She will play with toys or instruments or whatever for only a few seconds before discarding them. She does like to vocalize however and is content to sit with me and practice her sounds. She has a sweet little voice with a growing vocabulary.  I am not sure yet how much she understands but can mimic a growing number of words. We count the steps as we go up and down them and on occasion she has named the next step in progression before I say it. For some reason she loves the number 11.
Her smile and voice are both very endearing and although she does not seem to have really bonded emotionally yet I do believe she is feeling more safe and secure. When I put her in bed at night I kiss her three times on the cheek. She smiles very big every night before rolling over and pulling up the covers. I like to believe it is because she knows she is safe now from whatever badness happened to her after bedtime at the institution.
Thanks to all of you who wrote words of encouragement over the last 2 months. We have a long ways to go but are certainly headed in the right direction. Thank you for caring about our girls.


Ashes said...

I am so happy for all of you. Keep up the great work. Give the girls a hug from honorary Aunt Donna. I will come see you all someday. I promise.

Pastor Gary Pilcher said...

I just found your blog. I'd heard about your new family but didn't know much of the details. You're doing an amazing thing! We're praying for all of you!

Gary Pilcher

eliz said...

So happy to hear things are improving! (((HUGS))) and prayers :o)

rosedel said...

I'm so glad to read an update. It sounds like both girls are making good progress.

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